Fuel Valve - The fuel valve is maintained in the open state by the presence of 10 psi of oil pressure and closes at less than 10 psi. Lower or higher oil pressure settings are available. The fuel valve bypass is reduced flow and automatic or push-button electric override.

Temperature Valve - Custom manufactured using Vernet temperature sensor. The temperature valve is available in 210, 220, and 250 degree versions, adapts to coolant and transmission fluid. When the temperature exceeds the specification, the valve opens releasing PIS system oil pressure which closes the fuel valve.

Coolant Pressure Valve - Custom modified pressure sensing valve This valve is the finest pressure sensing valve in the industry. Pressurized coolant (adjustable psi) holds the valve closed. If the coolant pressure drops below the specification the valve opens and releases oil pressure causing the fuel valve to close.

Pop-up Indicators - Pop-ups provide visual diagnostics when the system is activated. When the temperature valve or water pressure valve opens the released oil passes through the pop-up indicator causing the red pin to pop-up, indicating the reason for shutdown. The pop-up indicators may then be reset by pushing the pin back in the original down position.

Test Valves - The QB3 test valves are unique to the industry and allow the PIS to be tested on a regular basis. In addition the test valves provide a readily accessible place to test coolant system pressure and integrity with minimal effort and readily available tools.

Remote Mounting Brackets - These allow the system components to be positioned according to the needs of the equipment or the user.

Oil Pressure Switch—The pressure switch is a top of the line Hobbs switch custom manufactured to QB3’s exact specifications, then custom calibrated by QB3 to fit the exact needs of any engine.

Wiring Harness - The QB3 wiring harness is custom built and designed to enhance installation and system use.

Instant Oil Pressure Shutdown - The most effective way to eliminate/reduce damage due to a detectable loss of oil pressure, is with QB3 Instant Oil Pressure Shutdown incorporated with our Mechanical or Electronic Shutdown System.


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