PSS Diagnostic Controller - The PSS-DC is the latest advance in engine protection. Using state of the art, custom designed, integrated circuitry, the controller provides audio and visual warning and diagnosis of engine trouble. In addition, the controller can provide engine shutdown. Warning or shutdown is at the option of the user and is determined at the time of installation.


PSS Temperature Switch - This switch is the finest Standard Products temperature switch available. When the PSS temperature switch is immersed in moving engine coolant, automatic transmission fluid, or hydraulic fluid a pre-specified increase in temperature beyond normal operating temperature will generate an electrical signal. This will cause a warning light to appear, an audible alarm to sound and/or a shutdown of the engine if desired.


PSS Water Pressure Switch - This switch from Stewart Warner/Hobbs accurately monitors coolant system pressure in the engine block, not in the radiator. Monitoring coolant system pressure in the engine block must be performed to assure that a rapid loss of coolant, which leaves the temperature switch high and dry, will not cause significant damage to the engine. When the QB3 Water Pressure Switch is installed, a loss of coolant system pressure in the engine block will generate a visual and audible warning as well as a shutdown if desired.


PSS Oil Pressure Switch - The PSS Oil Pressure Switch from Stewart Warner/Hobbs continuously monitors the presence of oil pressure. If the PSS Oil Pressure Switch senses a significant drop in oil pressure it generates an instantaneous visual and audible warning and/or engine shutdown.


The Exclusive PSS System Test Valves - These valves are unique to QB3 and provide a way to test the function of the system after installation and periodically. The PSS System Test Valves also provide a readily accessible port to perform cooling system pressure checks with available mechanicís tools.


Instant Oil Pressure Shutdown - The most effective way to eliminate/reduce damage due to a detectable loss of oil pressure, is with QB3 Instant Oil Pressure shutdown (incorporated with our Mechanical or Electronic Shutdown System).

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