PIS is a multi-parameter protection system that uses the presence or absence of engine oil pressure to control fuel flow to the engine. PIS monitors oil pressure, coolant pressure, coolant temperature and automatic transmission fluid temperature in any combination using mechanical valves that are custom designed and manufactured to QB3 specifications. These rigorous specifications allow the Pulse Information System to tolerate extreme physical conditions. If the value (temperature or pressure) of any of these parameters falls outside the designated ranges, the system is activated causing a fuel shut off or a fuel reduction.

PIS System Components



Using the best available electronic switching devices, the QB3 Pulse Switch System monitors the following engine parameters: water temperature, water pressure, and oil pressure. In addition, we give you the option of monitoring automatic transmission temperature.

Using† a custom made wiring harness, the QB3 PSS can provide any desired level of visual or audible warning or engine shutdown. Each monitored parameter can have itís own visual warning to identify the cause of the system activation. The operator will be alerted to the presence of a problem and can take appropriate action.

PSS system components

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